About the project

Versmės Namai is a housing estate of exceptional architecture that is currently being built on the shore of the 40 ha lake and on the side of the Ringelis stream in the Mazūriškės settlement located near Klaipėda.

Dwellings built on this location are distinguished by their compactness and original architectural solutions. Residential houses and common spaces were complexly designed, which allowed us to create a stylish and attractive image of the housing estate. Residents will be able to enjoy a neat and clean environment: block paved driveways and block pavements, green spaces and areas with good lighting. You will be able to have a rest next to a large lake with a lake footway, benches and a safe playground to be installed nearby.




Versmės namai is an ideal residential location for those who prefer an active lifestyle and a good rest in nature. There are two water bodies right in the vicinity of the territory: 250 m and 500 m in width, and 450 m and 600 m in length, respectively.


On the side of the housing estate a recreational space is to be installed together with a playground, sports area and lake footway. This will be a perfect place for summer pastimes such as kayaking, canoeing, water cycling and swimming. In winter the lake becomes a perfect spot for sledging and skating almost from your home front door.

Every season will provide an opportunity for fishing enthusiasts to enjoy fishy water.





Usability was one of the most important priorities in the design of internal spaces of buildings. We sought to ensure that the planning of relatively moderate dwellings is as optimal as possible and that regardless of their moderate floor area they are spacious and convenient to live in. Measurements of standard furniture were taken into consideration and all necessary domestic things were kept in mind. At the same time we sought to create exceptional spaces in interiors: attic floors of most houses have high sloping ceilings and provide a possibility to install entresols, if necessary.



  • Foundations. Monolithic slab, foundation blocks (40 cm in width) and monolithic ring, insulated using 10 cm thick foam Deoduro;
  • Brick walls. 25 /17.5 cm thick ceramic blocks Lode with reinforcing mesh (each cottage has walls that separate residents from their neighbours, this allows ensuring high quality soundproofing);
  • Ferro concrete overlay panels, reinforced rings of the ground floor and the first floor.
  • 12 cm thick blocks Lode were used for internal wall bricking;
  • Regular profile tin was used for roof covering;
  • 20 cm thick material NEOPORO eps70 (grey) was used for facade insulation (a type of white polystyrene foam, NEOPORO provides up to 20% better thermal insulation properties than regular polystyrene foam of analogous density);
  • German clinker was used for facade finishing;
  • German Veka profile windows (three pieces of 44 mm glass, 82 mm frame, sealed with three gaskets);
  • There are drainage and rain water systems around cottages;
  • Cottages are located in a close space with a very low traffic flow, this is a quiet and safe place for your children;
  • There are two parking places next to your cottage front door.





25 dwellings of four types are designed in Versmės Namai and are to be built in two stages:

  • A – single-family houses, stage II (until 1 October 2015)
  • B – single-family houses, stage I (until 1 December 2014)
  • C – semi-detached residential houses, stage I (until 1 June 2015)
  • D – single-family houses, stage II (until 1 October 2015)

All the construction works in the housing estate are scheduled to be completed until the end of 2015.